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040 Cache Fix for MacMinix

Thanks to Chris Hanson for this fix!

Here is what Chris posted to the comp.os.minix newsgroup:

Quite a while ago, I worked out how and when to flush caches so I could leave my Centris' 040 running at full blast. This is the result of those efforts.

It adds an optional "flush040()" at two places, one in mm/exec.c and one in mm/forkexit.c, and adds an assembly file to implement that routine to the memory manager. On my Centris 610 I was getting 2000 dhrystones/sec with caches off on a stock kernel; with caches enabled and my new (not even optimized!) kernel, I get around 7000. Happy, eh?

Share & enjoy,

PS - I'm guessing that this will work for 040 accelerators, and other M68000 machines using 040s. If anyone tries it, let me know, okay? :-)

Here are the directions he E-mailed me:

The file should end in .uue - it should be called something like 040sup.uue. Notice under the "table" lines there's a line that says "begin XXX 040sup.tar.Z" - this is the name of the output file to create once it's uudecoded; the uuencoded file name should be 040sup.uue then.

macread "Disk:Path:patchfile.uue" | uud - > patchfile.tar.Z
zcat patchfile.tar | tar xvf -
Apply patches to files indicated in README, move files indicated in README to appropriate spots.

And HERE is the fix.