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Thanks to James Campbell Haggerty for digging up these documents,
and for converting them to PDF files.

MacMinix Documentation!
intro.pdfChapter 1. INTRODUCTION
recomp.pdfChapter 8. RECOMPILING MINIX (See Section 8.4 for Macintosh)
demoman.pdfReference Manual for the MINIX 1.5 Demonstration Disk
Manual.zipIncludes 4 above files, plus nrof versions of same.
manpage1.zipUpdated man pages
manpage2.zipUpdated man pages

From: James Campbell Haggerty, [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 16:44:43 +1000
Subject: MacMINIX documentation - original

Here is some documentation for MacMINIX, as well some man pages I've found (unfortunately, only the extended ones from the official distribution - I cannot connect to where they are all kept). The documentation is nroff files from the original 1.5 Prentice-Hall documentation, unfortunately not all of it, as well as a manual for the old demo with all the sections. I've formatted them in PDF for ease of use. Other notes are in the zip files, it should be fairly self explanatory (unfortunately some of the extensions got lost under DOS - remember to change _tar.Z to .tar.Z and .sha to .shar).

James Haggerty.

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