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32-Bit Addressing Mode Workaround
Thanks to Sunagawa Keiki for this fix!

Hi Brad,

There is an workaround to run MacMinix with memory larger
than 8MB, in 32bit addressing mode, so no need to remove the
RAM chip from the computer.  The procedure is following.

1. Select an "dummy" application program, say,
   TeachText.  Note that it must not be Macboot itself.

2. Increase its application memory size to less than (the
   machine's phisical memory - 16MB). f.g. If your system
   has 32MB of RAM, set it to 16MB.

3. Open Macboot with the dummy application running.  Once
   Macboot is started, you can quit the dummy application to
   release its memory.

Notes: In MultiFinder, the memory area used by System is
allocated in lowest addres and it grows to higher while
applications are located to top of the available memory by
opened order.  MacMinix has trouble when it is located
beyond lower 16MB of RAM, so the workaround dicribed above
does the trick.  Therefore it is incompatible with Virtual
Memory or RamDoubler.

I use the workaround at home without any trouble.  My
environment is:

Macintosh IIci, 32MB RAM, System 7.6 (Japanese Version),
32bit addressing mode is on.

Though it should basically work on PowerMac also, MacMinix
is pretty unstable in my PowerMac.  It seems that there are
some assembly level incompatibility with real MC680x0 and
PowerMac's emulated 68020 environment.